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Frank: Foothills: New STAR, in charge of school website-video club, using wiki space, putting Quicktime video on website, teacher spot lights now,

Jamie: Loved to use the poll survey. worked great for instant results. Loves the online stopwatch. good website

April teaches kindergarten

Katie uses spelling city for spelling words for games and review uses Poll daddy a lot, used it to vote on a movie they wanted to watch in class: but used a math lesson to graph the results. Tag crowd allows the student to see the words they use the most and too often.

Gay PPES hit gkohl's site Studio Art Program added games and optical illusions. They just started a blog as of today for all second graders

Eagle Ridge: maggie, kristen, michelle and ~mfowler and kstead they started to blog so kids are blogging back . Where is Bobo (the monkey)? The kids have to respond with comments. The comments get rejected if there are spelling or grammar mistakes. They have comments sent to their work email to approve first so it's checked pretty often.

Stacey: MTMS Culinary Arts She started a blog . Cooks have to evaluate their labs within 24 hours. Format is on the side of the blog. Will try it will all three classes with 8 labs left. She will be putting photos on as well. Starting blog next week although it is already up and ready.

Rosa Maria Cordova Using survey on first page of website. and type in rosamaria cordova and get her spelling list for the year. Son did a blabbersize poster of a Ben Franklin. See under Student News

Marta (has a ton of vocab lists)

Tom Teaches 4th grade He invited everyone in using pvlearners email. re-create acct for blogger. Took a couple of days. He set up all the students for them. His username is and he has a password. Each kid has to log into their own site. When you go into their acct he set up their username and password in blogger. Scientific questions- kids are blogging answers as a group and he checks later on at home without using pen and paper. Danitra Brown Leaves Town First time no text book, using ebooks, Great time managements because they can't save posts, they have to post it and not save it. username Arizona select district, select school, plus username and password. kids learn to open up another tab so they can have ebook and a blog at the same time.

Weaser Spanish teacher at MTMS comparing and contrasting project. Using wiki for preplanning and he is going to guide them. Using blog with spanish word of the day, the word is also spoken. Uses chacha a lot

Brenda Teaches kindergarten at Indian Bend. Trying to get blog going with other teaches. likes animated images.

Kim Jones: online writers workshop uses teachers corner. blogging in english.

Dee to share with staff at mtms

Aimee pdf documents you can print out great resources for teachers, parent surveys, kindergarten blog (you can enter all you library books for free), (radio stations to play in your rooms), site open to anyone.

Julie Berlin Not in classroom. Made a wiki and is waiting for someone to revise it right now. Loves to organize things. There are 8 mentors, involved in professional development, seminars, collaborative logs, activities, etc. She also started a blog.

Kelly Lacina Likes to use keynote. Teaches k-6 computers at arrowhead. You can do it and record it at the same time for later use. Good use of technology and genYes. It will be their own atomic learning collection. mov files to work in keynotes

Well how did I do Tony?????? Where is my extra credit???

Excellent Job Dee! I loved reading through this and I have lots to bookmark! You rock Dee!