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Dozens of Free Web 2.0 Tools for Schools

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  2. Web 2.0
  3. Wikis
  4. Online Safety
  5. Online Bookmarking
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  7. Web Applications
  8. Ethics & Copyright

PV Learners Blog:

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Some call it Web 2.0, others call it the Read/Write Web or Participatory Web. After this workshop, you'll call it a gold mine! Tony Vincent has struck online gold and wants to tell you where to find it and what can be done with it. This workshop is packed with examples from the Web's next generation of resources and tools. You'll learn to do all of the following and more:

  • Effortlessly create hip slide shows.
  • Instantly share text, photos and videos.
  • Jazz up your website.
  • Enhance and animate an image.
  • Poll students.
  • Construct a site for collaboration.
  • Connect personally and professionally with other educators.
  • Illustrate concepts with crazy cartoons.
  • Bookmark, organize, and annotate webpages.
  • Engage your students with the coolest sites the web has to offer.
Participants in this two-day workshop will start a blog, contribute to a wiki, join a social network, and explore useful online software. It might be hard to believe that all of these valuable treasures are free of charge, but it's true! In addition to lots of hands-on activities, you will engage in important discussions about online safety, ethics, and copyright. With such great booty for teaching and learning, you might not be able to wait use these cool tools in the classroom!